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Have a nutrition question related to sports, active lifestyles, or anti-aging? You’ve got a question about our products and how to use them? We’ll do our best to provide an answer. Solid information isn’t always easy to find in the ocean of “facts”. If we can’t back it up, we won’t publish. You can count on us for authoritative knowledge you can use today.

Are all questions answered?

New questions of general interest to our viewers will be selected for publishing. If your question meets our criteria, you’ll receive a reply from us within two weeks and find your question posted with our answer here. Only initials and city will appear with your question; your privacy is always protected. Check out our Archive section for older Q/A.

How do I submit my question?

Simple, follow these steps:
  • Establish an account by clicking on the LOGIN/REGISTER link at the top of the page and completing the form.
  • Send your e-mail to: answers@sportsciencenutrition.com
  • Title the subject area with the topic of your question, write out your question, include your name, and Send!

Important Note: We do not provide medical advice. We trust you will find our answers helpful in managing your personal nutrition, but all medical questions should be directed to your personal physician. None of the information presented here is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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