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A Choice You Can Feel Great About

A Decision You Can Really Live With!

You may be an athlete. Or, you may simply want to maintain optimum health and fitness. The key is you are committed to regular exercise and a quality diet, but there’s more you can do. That’s where SportScience Nutrition products come in. We’re here to provide the missing ingredients that take you and your life to the next level.



Breaking the Age Barrier

Live Younger, Look Younger, Feel Younger!

Optimized health and wellness for those over 40. The changing metabolic and nutritional requirements of aging are very real – I know! I passed the 40-year milestone years ago. Our products profoundly address the critical nutritional requirements that occur with age. In fact, many age-related changes are not inevitable. Loss of muscle mass, athletic appearance and skin tone, cardiovascular fitness, disease risk, and sexual satisfaction are all related to nutrition and exercise – factors you can control.  While I can’t do the exercises for you, I can deliver nutritional supplements that help you counteract aging – for a more youthful life, reduced disease risk, and improved athletic performance.

I’m under 40, will it work for me? Yes! Many in their 20’s and 30’s are reaping the rewards of my all-natural, scientifically formulated products. Younger endurance athletes have discovered the superior digestion and improved bioavailability of our premium whey product, Pr+ A Smarter Whey, allowing them to get the protein they need without the side-effects from other products. While you may get a surplus of some ingredients critical to an older age group, you’ll discover the real difference premium ingredients formulated in scientifically sound products can make – at any age.



Experience a power-filled life!

Thinking outside the body

Nutritional Tools to Retain the Vitality of Youth. The secret is our athlete’s approach to nutrition. Athletes follow a specific training and nutrition regimen to achieve peak athletic performance. But why limit it? Everyone wants optimal health and youthful aging. Countless studies evaluating nutrition, exercise, disease risk and aging reveal that the same principles used by athletes also form the foundation for healthy aging.

You can switch on your potential today! There are no shortcuts, no magic pills – but it can be fun! Combine regular, vigorous exercise and a balanced diet with key supplements like Pr+ A Smarter Whey, our all natural whey protein, follow the principles of nutritional timing , and experience the energy and youthfulness of a power-filled life!



The Other Half of the Formula.

Improving the Mind = Improving the Body.

The second part of my vision is to empower your mind. Explore our Nutrition Center to discover timely and informative articles that will help you make better choices related to your health and athletic performance.  Life is too short not to live fully and youthfully!



Why Fuel Your Body with Anything but the Best?

Quality In. Quality Out.

Why hamper your performance… or your life, with unhealthy or ineffective supplements? Once you understand the vital role nutritional supplements play in supporting a sound diet and exercise plan, you’ll want the best.

I’ve chosen only premium, all-natural ingredients to make the best protein powder that delivers real benefits and useful bioavailability. No hyped claims. No shaky science. It’s not surprising quality ingredients meeting these criteria are more expensive. However, the small premium in price is minor compared to the real value you receive. For less than the price of a latte you can benefit from a serving of Pr+ with LeucineSmart™ Protein, optimized for healthy gains in toned, lean muscle. What you put into your body matters to me, and I believe it matters to you.