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We believe in science. We believe in fitness. We believe in scientists and other experts who understand fitness and are doing their part to further our understanding of how nutrition impacts athletic performance and healthy aging. These are people we are privileged to know, who help us get to the bottom of tough questions. They help us make science real, with practical solutions we can use today.


Our website is chock-full of information about all natural whey protein powder, anti-aging supplements, supplements for endurance athletes, and more. We want to make sure that the information we give you is accurate – that's why we ensure it's written by people we trust.


Matthew Cooke, PhD

Matthew Cooke, PhD

Lecturer in the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

Matthew earned his Ph.D. at Victoria University, and subsequently completed a Post- Doctoral Fellowship and held an Assistant Professorship at Baylor University, then followed with a second Post- Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Exercise Physiology in the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland in 2010.

His research interests include resistance training and nutritional interventions affecting physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms regulating age-associated muscle atrophy (sarcopenia), weight loss and maintenance, and metabolism in aged and diseased populations.

When not in the lab, Dr. Cooke enjoys road cycling, swimming and running. He competes in triathlons and recently completed running the New York Marathon.

When we have tough questions, we know we can always count on Matthew to help us find the answers. His exemplary fitness lifestyle brings real-world relevance to his research pursuits and practical answers to our questions.


Matthew Cooke, PhD
Matthew Cooke, PhD




Matthew Cooke, PhD

Jorming Goh, Ph.D.

Jorming completed a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science at the University of Washington. His primary interests and research explores how nutrition and exercise influence the biology of aging, especially cancer and metabolic disease. He previously completed his M.S. in Exercise Science at Washington State University and his B.S. in Exercise Science at Indiana University.

He currently resides in his native Singapore where he works at the Kent Ridge Laboratories for the Defence Medical & Environmental Research Institute.

Jorming brings a researcher’s perspective to practical issues related to nutrition and exercise, and contributes regularly to content on our web site. He stays active rock climbing, running, lifting weights and playing tennis.


Matthew Cooke, PhD