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Sharing my passion for health and fitness, guest experts and myself bring you insightful knowledge about nutrition for active lifestyles, athletic performance, and healthy aging. We translate science into practical concepts you can use to transform your life. Find your athletic edge, your younger self, and a healthier future!



Muscle Preservation Leads to Longer Lifespan

You take a look in the mirror and what you see stops you cold. It’s you alright, but thirty years older. What do you see? Is this someone you’d expect to see cycling, playing tennis, or running a half-marathon? Envision yourself at 80 enjoying the same activities you did at 40. I’m convinced we can live ten, even twenty years younger than previous generations. Sure, genetics have a vote but not the only one. Diet and exercise we control – but there is more you can do.

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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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