HEIGHT (inches)
LOW: Exercise > 30 min., > 3 X/week; Total < 3.5 hours/week
MODERATE: Exercise > 30 min. daily, high intensity > 3 X/week, > 60 min. > 3 X/week; Total 4 – 8 hours/week
HIGH: Exercise > 60 min. daily, high intensity > 5 X/week; Total > 8 hours/week
 BMI Result  Interpretation
 < 18.5  Underweight
 18.5 - 24.9  Normal
 25 - 29.9  Overweight
 > 30  Obese

Estimated Protein Daily Requirement:
(In Grams)*

Adult BMI:
(Body Mass Index, kg/m2)**
* This is an estimate based on normal adult body weight and physical health. Individual requirements may vary with factors such as goals for changes in body composition or weight change. Anyone with known or suspected disease should consult with a Registered Dietician or Physician in determining appropriate total daily protein and caloric requirements.
** While a useful index, some individuals will fall outside of the "normal" range and not be overweight. For example, an athlete with high lean muscle mass and low body fat could have a BMI above 25 and not be overweight.
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